Dr Sharon Kinsella

PhD, MSc., BSc Physiotherapy

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Postgraduate research
- Examining the effects of different stretching protocols on performance
- Examining the effects of depth jumping on countermovement jump performance
Undergraduate research
Present projects are examining 
- The effects of Neurodynamic testing of the lower limbs.
- The effects of specific soft tissue mobilization techniques on eccentric muscle damage


- Biomechanics of gait
- Electrotherapy
- Isokinetics
- Neurodynamic
- Soft tissue mobilization
Research Fellow in the area of stroke rehabilitation with electrical muscle stimulation 1998-2000.


Kinsella, S and Moran, K (2006) Gait pattern categorization of stroke participants with equinus deformity of the foot. Gait and Posture. Submitted for review
Kinsella S., O’Keeffe D., Wood D., Lyons G.M. (1999). A case study of the effects of functional electrical stimulation for drop foot in a subject with hemiplegia. Physiotherapy Ireland, 20: 1, 9-13. 
Kinsella S., Harrison D. (1998). A study to examine the balance of subjects with recurrent ankle sprains. Physiotherapy Ireland, 18: 2, 3-8. 
Kinsella S., D. Harrison, Jakeman P. (1997). A study to examine the forces created in the frontal plane in subjects with functional instability and subjects with healthy ankles.  Physiotherapy Ireland, 17: 1, 21-26.

Supervisor of numerous 4th year undergraduate projects in sports rehabilitation and presently supervising two postgraduate students.