Joseph Kehoe

MSc BSc Macm

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Research Interests

Multicore Programming and Concurrency, Computer Game Development, Programming Language Design and Implementation, Artificial Intelligence
Current Research Projects
Currently undertaking Doctoral research into concurrent programming language design with particular relevance to Games development under Professor Joseph Morris of DCU.



I have undertaken consultancy for multinational companies in various areas, given training courses for companies around the world in the areas of Software development practices and programming skills.
While Head of the Computing and Networking Department at Carlow I helped set up department collaborations with Microsoft.
MSc 1993 Interpreting Generics in English Joseph Kehoe
AICS 1993 Tense and Aspect in English Joseph Kehoe & Allen Ramsay
ITT 1997 Modeling Tutor-Student Interaction as a Game Joseph Kehoe & Eithne Kennedy